Time Adjuster

Time Adjuster 3.1

Time Adjuster Standard: an application to synchronize subtitles with AVI video

Time Adjuster Standard program is a useful application to synchronize subtitles with AVI video pictures.
Subtitles can be made to appear sooner or later with just a single click on the 'Move' button. Subtitles can be converted to different formats, repaired, synchronized, splitted, joined, etc.

Downloaded TXT files in binary mode, if damaged; can be repaired with this application, fixing the correct sequences. Short lines and too fast disappearing lines can be scanned and/or repaired.

The application interface is very easy to use, including the most important options to work with subtitles. Subtitles can be converted to be frame based or time based.

Graphical buttons make it easy for users to go through the synchronizing process.

The application can also extract and show AVI movies information. The Split File option of this program allows working with movies that are divided into two parts. A dialog window will ask the user to select frames or time where the first part has to end. Also, the application enables to set the number of frames (or TPOS) to be removed from the second part.

The program also makes possible to add personal stamps to the existing subtitles at the beginning, at the end, or at both locations.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very powerful and small application for working on AVI video subtitles


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